Wednesday, June 20, 2007

15 Years Later: Still No Moore!

People are idiots. 15 years ago FORCE OPS showed Franklin Moore for the crooked politician (are there any other kind?) he was. He gets drummed out of town after Michael "Golden Boy" O'Conner sweeps him in the '92 election.

And now he's frakking back. Seems like there's a bunch of politicos and business creeps (and others who I can't name, 'cause, you know, I like breathing) who say Moore's rehabilitated, and that it's time to bring back his "zero tolerance" platform on "costumed terrorists". And of course he's running as a frakking Republican. Idiots -- he hasn't changed his stripes; hell he should be wearing frakking prison stripes. And he would if all those records FORCE OPS turned up hadn't been ruled inadmissible.

Don't get me wrong -- there's no way that O'Conner should get a fourth term even if he is an "independent" but this is not the way to stop him.. We need fresh blood, not frakking recycled green blood.

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