Saturday, June 30, 2007


Damn. I wish I worked on the docks.

This morning a huge section of one of the warehouses got swallowed up by a sink hole. But not just any sinkhole: one created by the Factor Four villain Granite. Didn't know he could do that particular trick did you? Neither did the gray-skinned hero who showed up to fight him, who the FreedomWiki (sorry, site's down now or I'd link to it) identifies as a hero named ... Gray, who fought Granite in Southside last year.

Gray. 'Cause, you know, his skin is, ummm, gray.

Anyway, Gray shows up to save the day and rescue a worker who was about to get swallowed by it when all of a sudden Granite pops up and starts hammering him into the ground. Ok, Gray got in a good shot or two -- or so says the video that was up on YouTube this morning already down -- damn you NBC for buying up the rights). But then Granite's totally got him reeling, and then it gets even better because Sylph shows up and tries to vaporize the dominated Gray.

But Gray, he's apparently got friends in weird places because suddenly there's this speedster there, dressed all in black, pounding on Granite, and then this ghost of a Goth chick -- I kid you not, it was all on the video -- shows up and scares the crap out of Slyph. Granite takes her with a shockwave (that trick never gets old), then two more freaking heroes show up -- Paladin (the guy who saved the plane yesterday) and some other guy with these high-powered bracers. And the guy with the bracers nails Granite with an energy blast that drops him instantly.

So Granite is down, the heroes win the day, and we still don't know who half of them are. But we'll work on that -- post your leads to this entry or email me at


Robert said...

OMG infinitely lame, only u would be stumped by utube taking down a video.

There are only like, a hundred other places to find that video online. i mean, clips of it r on 4 of my friends myspace pages at least.

what's ur prob, dude? are u like, over 30 or something?

the fight was pretty cool though. that goth ghost chick is totally sweet! and by sweet i mean completely hot! I made some hires poster prints from screen shots, so trust me on that. :)

my friend is starting a fan site just for her. if u no how 2 use the net, maybe u cn even find it, infinilame.

Infinity Lord said...

Yeah, well, spam-for-brains, I don't see you posting a link, do I?

And yes, the Goth Chick is definitely hot. A little clueless in the super-fight category, but totally hot.