Thursday, June 28, 2007

Powerless Among the People

The power was out last night at my apartment, thus the lack of posts. Hell, it was out for most of the city, which should unnerve anyone who's suffered through Freedom City heatwaves in the past. This wasn't even a real heatwave -- it barely topped 94 three days running -- but the storms were bad enough.

Or did they have some help? With the Loser League out at the "Far Star", is this a sign that Dr. Stratos is back in town and looking to bring some pain down on the city of his arch-nemesis? Oh, wait, that's right ... former city of his arch-nemesis?

Or is this a sign that the Grue's diabolical global warming initiative is finally coming to fruition, and the amphibian invasion fleet is about to materialize above the planet?

Or has Green Planet returned and this is his latest attempt to super-saturate the city's plant life with sentience-granting super organics?

There are a lot of possible explanations ... and most of them aren't good.

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