Saturday, June 23, 2007


Frakking hackers. Run a site for frakking 10 years, frakking get the respect of Earth's greatest heroes and what happens? Some frakking hacker thinking he's a frakking supervillain takes down the frakking site!

Freebooter. Frakking-A. Man -- I mean, come on, a frakking cyborg pirate alternate ego? How lame is that? -- and next thing you know, your Frakking site is down.

Well, you can't stop the Signal, and you can't stop the Sentinel! We're back, and I'm porting all the old posts over to the new Blogger blog. Let's see if Freebooter can take down frakking Google!!!


Robert said...

Ha! [condesending] Did somewon forget to tuwn on thewe widdle firewall? [/condesending]

NEWB! ;p

Infinity Lord said...

Get out of here you l33t speaking freak! I have powerful friends. Powerful friends. And they'll find you and throw you into Lockdown for so long that the universe will experience heat death before you get out!

Infinity Lord said...
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