Monday, June 25, 2007

Star? What Star?

So some nerd at an observatory sees a new piece of space junk out at the ass end of the solar system, and the next think you know the Freedom League's assembling and flying out there in their Freedom Shuttle. So now not only is Freedom City defenseless, but so is the entire freaking planet!

Grue invasion anyone?

I don't care how "extremely unusual" the results of the celestial dirtball's "Reflectance Spectroscopy" results were -- you don't go and leave the whole freaking planet defenseless! Oh sure, the second stringers are still around, but man, man, why do you think they call them second stringers?

No, mark my words -- this is a distraction designed to draw "Earth's Greatest Defenders" away from the planet so the freaking Grue can get their revenge. And with the Atom family off who knows where, who will save us this time?

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