Wednesday, May 2, 2007

An Open Letter to Dr. Metropolis

Dr. Metropolis:

They say you are the living embodiment of the city, that you instinctively understand Freedom City on a level that the rest of us can't even comprehend. And after seeing the wonders you wrought rebuilding the city after the Terminus invasion during the 1990s, it's obvious that they are right. You know this city, you know what's right for it, even if you won't take a political stand against the stagnating malignancy that is the Michael O'Conner administration.

We know you have the city's best interests at heart which is why I urge you to break your affiliation with the Freedom League. Our city has borne the brunt of countless extraplaner, extraterrestrial, and even subterranean invasions and yet the Freedom League has abandoned us to our fate, abandoned this city to its fate so that they can secret themselves away in their Lighthouse.

In leaving, they betrayed us. You though, you are still here. You understand why this is the greatest city on Earth, and that's why you must sever your ties to the Freedom League. Your place is here, not on some space station, not in the depths of space. It's here.

We need you. Your city needs you. Your city understands you. The League does not.


Infinity Lord
The Constant Sentinel