Saturday, April 21, 2007

Centurion: Earth's Deadest Hero

Centurion … Earth's Greatest Hero? Right, more like Earth's deadest hero!

The planet's greatest champion died fighting Omega and his legions on April 21, 1993. Omega had opened a portal from Terminus to Freedom City and sent hundreds -- no thousands -- of shock troopers through trying to establish a beachhead he could us to conquer Earth.

Centurion led the Freedom League in their counterstrike against Omega, and he landed the blow that shattered Terminus' dictator's containment suit. The energy backlash killed Centurion instantly, but allowed the rest of the Freedom League to drive the villain back through the gate.

That was 14 long years ago, Fourteen years without that famous fry of "Defeat to Tyrants!" Fourteen years Fourteen years without the sight of the sun glinting off his golden armor as he flies over the city. Fourteen years of lesser heroes dying and coming back from the dead. Fourteen years rotting in a tomb.


Don't get me wrong -- Centurion was great in his day, one of the best if not the best. But real heroes don't stay dead. Real heroes do the Lazarus thing three or four times in their careers … and clones or androids or whatever other knock off has crawled out of the ooze this week doesn't count.

Real heroes don't let their fans down. And it's as simple as that.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Freedom Hall: Butt Ugly After All These Years

So they destroyed Freedom Hall back in 2001, which on top of 9/11, well, that was just too frakking horrible. Sure, Daedalus was able to stop them from rampaging through the rest of the city (or so says the official history ... I agree with DRUDGE that there was more going on there), but the Hall was utterly destroyed.

The League rebuilt it almost immediately, bigger and "better", and beating the "Freedom Tower" by a half-dozen years.

They should have taken their time. 'Cause lets face it, it's a gilded pig. They threw up a trapezoid, plated it in frakking gold -- gold! -- and called it done. Let's face it, they didn't care because they knew they wouldn't be living there. They just let some trained monkeys throw crap at a paper, ok'd the design, and let that monstrocity be built knowing that their freaking space station would be done by 2005.

Now they're up there in the Lighthouse, and as far as their concerned, Freedom City is a second-class protectorate. They're too busy saving the world to give a rat's ass about us, and the craptacular Freedom Hall.

I say we take of and frakking nuke the thing from orbit, kick out the League, recruit some new heroes who care about our city and build a superhero headquarters worthy of Freedom City!

Mr. Metropolis ... tear down these walls!