Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Rock On

It appears Freedom City has another new hero, which is just as well given that the Freedom League has seen fit to abandon us.

Yesterday we received reports of a huge brawl that broke out in the warehouse district between the rock-plated juggernaut Granite (he of Factor Four fame) and a gray-skinned giant named, well, Gray. The fight began after Granite stole $1.5 million in diamonds from a Southside warehouse and began crashing his way through a hastily erected police barricade.

No one knows where this new hero came from, but he showed up within minutes, and immediately began to put the smack down on Granite. The fight destroyed two city buildings, but it ended with Granite unconscious, the diamonds recovered, and the city with a new hero.

He may not be imaginative, but he sure as hell is strong. Welcome to Freedom City, Mr. Gray!