Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Freedom League (as of 6/26/07)

Ever since the Freedom League left Freedom City to become space monkeys, there's been some confusion about whose actually in the League. Having your heroes abandoned you will have that effect. For the record here's the current line up of the Loser League, so you know who to blame when the Grue show up and turn us all into their mind slaves.

Captain Thunder: A Nolan Aircraft test pilot and Air Force man who gained super-strength, command of the elements, near-invulnerability, and supersenses while crashing the X-14 supersonic jet. Yes, that's right, spectacular failure gives rise to super-human powers -- if only we all had it so easy. Thunder's arch nemeses is Dr. Stratos, the weather mastermind, who revealed Thunder's true identity as Raymond Gardner a few years back.

Credit where credit is due, Thunder played a major role in turning back the Terminus Invasion in '93, and subsequently re-formed the Freedom League that Centurion had disbanded in the 80s. He was the one who got them to rebuild the League headquarters in Freedom City, but old age must be catching up with him as his fellow Leaguers were able to convince him to move to Earth orbit after the mid-00's Grue Invasion.

For some strange reason, Hellqueen is obsessed with Thunder; honestly, I just don't get what she sees in him.

Daedalus: The battlesuit wearing master inventor who probably inspired every knock-off powerarmor hero and villain you've ever read about. The suit's impervious to most attacks, grants him super strength, and lets him fly in space. Even without the suit though, he's supposed to be as brilliant (or even more so) than his father, the first Daedalus who served in the original Freedom League. Of course, he can't be that brilliant, since he's the one who designed the freaking Lighthouse.

Dr. Metropolis: The spirit of the city; he's the only Leaguer who didn't leave for that idiotic space station, but you'd expect that from a guy (well, I assume he's a guy) who draws his power from the raw ingenuity and power of the city. He's done more than anyone to repair the Freedom City after the Terminus Invasion, and he's the only true super hero we've got left.

Johnny Rocket: Johnny Rocket's grandfather was the first Rocket, back in the 1940s. Superspeed apparently skips a generation though, because although Johnny's dad didn't have superpowers, he does. The guy's so fast he can actually break through dimensions (which gave rise to that whole evil-universe invasion from a few years back; more on that another day). Two years ago an ex-boyfriend outed him as gay, and Rocket owned up to it. He gets a lot of crap for it, but again, credit where credit is due -- the Leaguers have stood buy him.

Lady Liberty: More cute than hot, but either way she'll kick your ass as the living embodiment of freedom. Personally I think it's a bit over the top the way she carries a flag around with her all the time -- I mean, geez, who does she think she is, the president? -- but she gets the job done.

Pseudo: A sure sign that the League is getting soft: they've got a freaking Grue working for them. That's right, Pseudo's one of those alien bastards who attacked Earth, and they let him hang out with them on their frakking space station. Oh sure, he's the one who told the League the invasion was coming in the first place, but if he turned traitor once, what's to stop him from turning traitor again? Not a damned thing, that's what.

Siren: Some say the green-haired beauty has the spirit of a Voodoo goddess trapped inside her, granting her command over sea animals, water and the weather. Whatever -- I want to know when she's going to be in Sport's Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition.

Star Knight: Earth's appointed interstellar defender. She proved her worth during the Grue Invasion, but she's half the freaking reason the League moved into orbit. Who do you think provided Daedalus with most of the toys to make his space station work?

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