Friday, June 29, 2007

Look, Up in the Air ... It's a Green/Yellow ... Something

Big happenings in the skies over Freedom City this morning as Noreaster Flight 7112, a 747 out of Newark (or is that "Eternal Spirit of Freedom International Airport" now) had an engine explode on its way into Jordan Airport. With all of the city's heroes otherwise occupied on a fool's errand to the Oort Cloud, someone else had to step up to save the plane.

And someone did. His name's Paladin (or at least, that's the callsign he was using on the police band) and he showed up just in the nick of time to help the plane lumber its way into the airport (nearly clipping a couple of buildings on the way in). He apparently used a combination of super-strength and force shields to land the plane at Jordan, single-handily saving the day. I admit, I'm a little confused as to how he unloaded the plane so quickly (as are the authorities) but a portable teleportion device seems likely.

It's nice to see not all the supers have headed for starrier pastures, but one question for Paladin: green and yellow power armor? Really?

White, black, silver -- all classic looks, and good for someone trying to capture that whole Renaissance armor thing. But green and yellow -- it just doesn't say "knight" to me.

But hey, questionable color schemes aside, this Paladin was there to save the day, which is more than I can say for the Loser League.


Robert said...

yeah, this was a pretty sweet save.

for a second-stringer, i mean. centurion could have just caught the plane in one hand and flew it down to safety himself.

but this is what happens when you live in the lame bronze age of heroes, i guess. all the real powerhouses have already moved on and ur left with the, well, leftovers (no offense to paladin).

Infinity Lord said...

Yeah. But of course, Centurion's a corpse, so at this point the hand of his zombie self would just break off if he tried something like this.

Assuming, you know, he was a zombie. Or something.