Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Storm of the Decade

Holy crap.

That's all I can say. Holy frakking crap!

Ok, that's not all I can say. "I told you so" also comes to mind. I mean, the Loser League heads to the outer edge of the solar system, leaving Earth -- and Freedom City -- all but defenseless and what to you know, one of their archenemies decides to launch an all-out assault on the frakking city!

Weather machines, massive floods, thunderstrikes that make Thor look like an amateur, cats and dogs, living together, I mean we were about 30 minutes from mass hysteria!

Though I've got to admit, it was pretty damn cool. Dr. Stratos sets up weather machines all over the city, used them to supercharge his own powers, then blasted ol'Blackstone.
They say one tower is destroyed, the electrical systems are toast, and they've got a whole armada of prison boats out there moving inmates to other prisons.

But hey, the whole world didn't got instantly to hell, despite the utter lack of effort by "Earth's Greatest Heroes". One of my HIT friends said he saw Dragoon show up at the Promenade and take out the weather machine there and rumor has it his friends took out two more of the things at the Federal Building downtown and the Golden Calf over on Southside.

Then the band went out to Penitentiary, and according to the Pinstriped Blogger, they beat the crap out of Mirror Man and Brickbrack. Of course, they let a bunch of villains get away too, including Crime Leaguer Devil Ray and those two losers Rant and Rave, but they did pretty good for a bunch of fourth-stringers.


Herald said...

Thats what THEY want you to believe. No sir, what really happened is the government had a new weapon they needed to try out. Well what better place than our overcrowded prisons? Kill two birds with one stone man! No one's really going to cry over cons killed by "Dr. Stratos".

Now obviously the weapon was only a partial success. It only destroyed part of the island. So they send these "second stringers" in. But new heroes? No way! Its just those Freedom League actors in new costumes, and not even good ones at that! Paladin? Please, thats obviously just Daedalus.

Don't let THEM pull the wool over your eyes man!

Infinity Lord said...

oh come on, look at Iraq, look at Katrina, do you really think that our government is competent enough to pull off something like that?

Or are you talking about the super-secret One World Government, you black-helicopter watching freak!

Now Grue conspiracy, sure, I get that. I mean, they've been here before and they'll be here again. But the government? Yeah, right.

Herald said...

The Grue were created for people like you need to feel safe tucked in at night. The whole invasion was just staged so THEY would have an easy answer for things in the future. Common, aliens who can turn into any shape? How more convenient can you get!

And Iraq? Of course THEY aren't using the best stuff there. Osama, IF he even exists, I've seen proof otherwise, isn't the real enemy. Why would you show your hand there? It's called "rope a dope". Basic fighting technique.