Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Politics as Unusual

The political debates have everyone excited about politics, spending hours engaging in intellectual, well-reasoned debates at their local coffee shops.

Ok, that's not true. In reality, I saw some Greens doing a puppet show protest outside the CBN Studios during the last Republican debate, which included caricatures of Ronald Reagan battling each other for control of his own crumbling crown. And that was just the debate. The puppet show had W performing unnatural acts on a demon. Or maybe a Haliburton executive ... it was hard to tell.

What's amazing is that people in this city really do seem to be interested in politics -- according to the Freedom Ledger, voter turnout in 2006 was at 54.8%, which is just amazing when you think about it. And hell, that wasn't even a presidential election year; in 2004 it was 81.3%!. Voter breakdown was 45% Democrat, 41% Republican, 8% Moonbat (err, Libertarian) and 1% Green.

Why was turn out so high? I don't know -- maybe it's just the spirit of Lantern Jack, the mystic watchman (and sharp colonial dresser!) who's been haunting the city since Revolutionary times. Or maybe it's just that everyone wants to make sure they get their cut of the next federal bailout when supers level downtown again. Or maybe, you know, people just care.

Nah, couldn't be that.


JusticeSpoon said...

yep. definitely over 30.



So Sayeth,

Infinity Lord said...

Yep. Definitely 12.