Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Poll: The Far Star Debacle

So a while back I started a poll asking "Is the Freedom League inviting doom upon us all by investigating the Far Star?" and it looks like a overwhelming majority of my readership agrees that the disaster is nigh, with 5 voting yes, and 1 voting know (and you just know that 1 was the Prince of Cutlery).

Good to know I'm the the only one who things that the Freedom League's egos hit orbit about the same time their space station did.


JusticeSpoon said...

whatever infinitelame. little wooden boy and my dog dont think the worlds going to end in the couple of weeks it takes the most awesome freedom league to take a trip to the edge of the solar system either. they're obviously less panic prone than u and ur other voters (assuming u didnt just stack the vote however you wanted).

as awesome as the League is, the whole world survived for a long time before them, and we can survive for a few weeks without them now (but remember, i still think they're TOTALLY SWEET! steve said so and that is totally braggable!).

JusticeSpoon said...

oh, and again, little wooden boy and my dog didnt bother to vote themselves because they wont read ur paranoid little blog. they have higher standards.

me, im just a sucker for a good bout of paranoia .... :p

Infinity Lord said...

Spoken like the one who will be first up against the wall when the shape-shifting, brain-sucking alien revolution comes.