Monday, July 2, 2007


Looks like there have been a bunch of locked door mysteries in Downtown over the past week. The Freedom Ledger's reporting four burglaries at Freedom City shops -- one electronics place, two jewelry shops (including the venerable Haas Brothers Jewelers, you know, the one with the two guys with diamond studs in their eye brows?), and a pawn shop -- in which all the merchandise was stolen but the doors of the shops were never unlocked and the alarms were never tripped.

Police say they don't have any suspects, but that's because their frakking idiots. Of course there's a suspect. His name is Downtime, and this fits his MO perfectly: freeze time, spend a few hours perfectly picking the lock, freeze time again to avoid the alarms, steal everything in sight, then leave. Mark my words, we'll see a bunch of more of these in the coming days. And why will we see this? Because the only hero who could stop him -- Mr. Johnny Rocket -- is off with the Loser League fighting dangerous space rocks at the edge of the solar system, once again leaving us wide open for all manner of criminals.

But wait ... maybe we'll get really lucky and their hyperintelligent space station will come down and save us.


JusticeSpoon said...

Dude, 1ce again i must point out ur totally flipping out 4 no reason. Even IF its down-turd, there are only like, a hundred other heros popping up lately. im sure some1 can stop him.

ive always wondered how a superspeedster works against a time-stopper. i guess it depends on how downturd stopps time, right? cause if he only slows DOWN time, like i'm totally betting he does, then it makes sense speedster can just speed himself up and kick the dude right in the junk!

Infinity Lord said...

Yeah well, have your clothes stripped off in a nano second in broad daylight in the middle of Downtown, and we'll see how much of a threat you think Downtime is.

Not that that happened to me. It was a friend of mine. Seems like Downtime needed to make an escape, and decided my friend was his size and stole all his frakking clothes.

I'm telling you, he's a freaking menace.

Anonymous said...

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